Referral Program | Why Promote Our Services

Why Promote Our Services?

We developed this program as a way of giving back and to help those that need additional income, are stay at home parents or those that want to be part of something that will give them the financial freedom and peace of mind they have always wanted.

Robert Adams, CEO of 360Logic, is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and investor with an established brand that reaches millions of people a day. He has a growing fan base who know, like, and trust him, which means they’re already pre-sold on purchasing 360Logic’s growing library of products and services.

When you promote for 360Logic, here’s what you get:

  • EPSs Ranging From $250.00-$1,000.00
  • 5-20% Commissions
  • Proven Sales Funnels (Backed By Millions of $ In Testing)
  • Promotional Resources (Email Swipes, Banners, Testimonials, Demographic Insights)
  • 1-on-1 Support From Our Affiliate Management Team or Robert himself

The 360 Referral Program has multiple ways to increase your income.  Your earnings depend on your affiliate membership level and how many visitors to your site, blog, social media or email list click 360Logic links and image banners — and of course how much they spend.

What Products Can You Promote?

The 360 Affiliate Program is unlike any you have seen before and covers a range of 360Logic products, services, and projects. The 360Logic newsletter keeps you up to date on new releases, promotions and more.

Yes, you can earn promoting this referral program.  We like to call it more of an Account Management position. Plus it looks better on the resume.  When your team of account managers refers to a sale, you both win.

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Our Social Media Management and Marketing division provide services to small businesses that pay $1,000-$10,000. SMMA has been a massive success for its members SMMA referrers earn $500 to $1500 per sale.

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Protecting your home or office has never been more important.  There is a reason why 75k security jobs were created last year and why the government is putting billions of dollars into it.  This is an easy opportunity to let someone know we can help.

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Website Design and Website Services range in price dependent on the customer and need.  Individual sales range from $500 to $20,000.  Your earnings depend on how you refer and the sale.

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Three Easy Steps:

  1. Enter your email below to subscribe to the newsletter for up to date information and promotions.
  2. Follow the provided link to register for your free referral dashboard where you can get your links, banners and promotional content.
  3. Refer or help us connect with those that need our help with website design, social marketing or even security services.